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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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11 ^-4 J
'But, howe'er—little King, since I find you so good, Thus stooping below your high courage and blood, Put yourself in nay hands, and I'll do what I can To make you look yet like a King and a man.
'At your Admiralty and your Treasury-board,
To save one single man you shan't say a word,
For, by G-od! all your rubbish from both you shall shoot,
Walpole's ciphers and G-asherry's5 vassals to boot.
'And to guard Prince's ears, as all Statesmen take care So, long as yours are—not one man shall come near; For of all your Court-crew we'll leave only those Who we know never dare to say boh! to a goose.
'So your friend booby Grafton I'll e'en let you keep, Awake he can't hurt, and is still half asleep; Nor ever was dangerous, but to womankind, And his body's as impotent now as his mind.
'There's another Court-booby   at once hot and dull, Your pious pimp, Schutz6, a mean, Hanover tool; For your card-play at night he too shall remain, With virtuous and sober and zoise Deloraine7.
'And for all your Court-nobles who can't write or read, As of such titl'd ciphers all courts stand in need, Who, like parliament-Swiss, vote and fight for their pay, They're as good as a new set to cry yea and nay.
8 Sir Charles Wager's nephew, and Secretary to the Admiralty. Walpole.—According to Lysons (Environs of London, ed. 1811, vol. i. p. 858) Gashorry was not Sir Charles Wager's nephew, but had married the widow of his nephew Charles
JBolton ; nor does he appear to have been Secretary to the Admiralty.
8 Augustus Schutz, Master of the Eobes and Privy Purse to George II.
7 Countess Dowager of Deloraine, Governess to the young Princesses. Walpole.